How to Overcome Digital Workplace Challenges with Microsoft 365

The shift to hybrid working has brought a range of benefits for employees and employers alike, including increased flexibility, enhanced productivity and improved work-life balance. In fact, despite common misconceptions, 80% of employees state that they are just as, or more, productive since adopting a remote or hybrid working model. However, adapting to the digital workplace does have its challenges. In order to make a seamless transition to the hybrid working model, you must ensure that you have the right tools at your disposal. Microsoft 365, an innovative productivity suite, helps you to tackle the primary issues facing your digital workforce.

Which digital workplace challenges can Microsoft 365 help with?

Communication and collaboration

As digital working gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, you need to ensure that employees can collaborate efficiently and seamlessly, even when they are physically separated. Microsoft Teams is the ideal communications platform for the digital workplace, bringing chat, voice, video and conference calls together into one accessible platform. With file-sharing capabilities and real-time editing, your team can collaborate and share ideas, no matter where they are based.

With Microsoft Teams Phone you can integrate full-functional telephony capabilities directly into your Teams solution. With VoIP or PSTN options available, you can call from within Teams via the internet or using your existing telecoms provider, and stay connected in the office, at home or on the go.

Endpoint security

Security is one of the most significant digital workplace challenges, as the consequences of a cyber attack could be devastating for your business. In a more flexible workplace, proper device management is essential – particularly if your business is using  a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. Your endpoint devices are vulnerable threat vectors, and they require thorough and robust protections.

Digital Workplace

Microsoft Intune is a Cloud-based service that facilitates mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). You can configure specific security policies that allow you to maintain full control over your enrolled devices, including their settings, features and usage.

Data insights

Using data to make impactful business decisions that drive success is one of the primary digital workplace challenges. Your organisation should aim to create a data-driven culture that informs business intelligence. Power BI, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, empowers team members to discover hidden insights within your data. With hundreds of data visualisations, built-in AI capabilities, Excel integration and pre-built and custom data connectors, you can find and share meaningful insights which drive measurable results. With up-to-the minute analytics, every member of your digital workforce can make confident, effective business decisions.

As hybrid working can blur the boundaries between the personal and the professional, maintaining the right work-life balance can be a challenge. With Microsoft Viva, an advanced employee experience platform, you can also gain access to valuable personal insights. Employees can view data about their working patterns which help them to improve their time management and productivity, while establishing healthy boundaries.

Eliminate digital workplace challenges

As Microsoft 365 is such a powerful enabler for the digital workplace, these are just a few of the issues that can be overcome by leveraging its potential. To find out how Microsoft 365 can elevate and enhance your business further, download our eBook, Enhancing the Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365.

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