Engagement Phase

Our Job is to Help Your Business Grow by Listening!

Depending on the size of your business, stage of maturity level and how much you believe IT will change your business, we work with SME’s to understand what the best fit for them.

IT Services

IT Maturity

IT Maturity is essentially how well a business uses information technology (IT) to achieve business objectives.

  • So Who am I?
  • Where does my business fit?
  • Which of the below fits my profile?
Level 1 – Chaotic Level 2 – Disciplined Level 3 – Predictable Level 4 – Integrated Level 5 – Strategic
Constant state of disorganisation

No plan on how IT can help.

Reactive and unable to predict issues.

No standards.

More aware on how IT can help them achieve success.

Minor investment in technology.

Still adhoc approach to issues, fire fighting.

Automate, implement proactive IT support

Use best practice & standards.

Track performance analytics, optimising your business over time.

Highly efficient & embrace process with technology best practices.

Document your business environments, having SLA’s in place with stakeholders.

Use available resources efficiently.

Leverage IT innovations continually to optimise processes to achieve business outcomes and gain competitive advantage.

You link IT and business metrics to allow make informed decisions to ongoing improvements.

Depending on your profile today we will help you on your Journey to do more and get better. We have engagement plans and support packs to suit all levels of maturity.

We initially invite you to our office or over a video call to ‘Engage’. We will listen to you to understand your goals, business objectives and for you to get a feel if we are the right fit. There is no cost for this. We compile a high-level plan of attack to bring you to the next step in the journey.

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