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‘Same Problems no matter what business you are in – We encounter them all’

Our collective experience of 100+ years has given us the insight and knowledge to fix common problems & issues we encounter with a client no matter what business they are in.

Our job is to make sure none of these common issues happen, but if they do, that they are limited and resolved in a structured way.  We do this using proactive technology, process & experience.

  • Computers running slow

  • Takes for ever to start

  • Takes me ages to do find a document

  • Business applications running slow 

  • I would love to use MS Excel, Word more

  • Staff are very frustrated

  • We were down for hours

  • I clicked on an email that I don’t think I should have 

  • I could not get access to my email from home

  • I want to have a dashboard with my sales results every day

  • I am stuck between my business applications company (Sage) and my PC not working, blame game kicks in.

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Proactive IT Management

Proactive IT Management is the same as Proactive leadership.  It is about taking time to plan, improve how your team works and putting measures in place to prevent problems before they happen. Proactive leadership is about identifying areas of risk for your team, and working on measures that will reduce their impact, or stop the problems happening altogether.

Trying to anticipate an outage or decrease in performance and trying to avoid it in the first place should be the best tactic for any SME when it comes to IT management.

Benefits To Your Business

We focus on Prevention rather than Reaction which will save you: Money, Time & Tears

  • Monitoring your computers to pre-empt problems and maximise productivity.

  • Preventing ransomware and malware attacks.

  • Backing up data to reduce the risk of theft.

  • Blocking spam and phishing emails.

  • Preparing for GDPR.

  • Writing an IT Security or Remote working policy.
  • Managing IT transformation.

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How We Work

We work in several verticals within the SME community in the North East of Ireland supporting users in the Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Dublin, Cavan, Armagh, Down & Antrim not to mention some in the UK and across Europe.

In today’s technological world we can support a business 90% remotely – and we have the statistics to prove it!

Our Services

Take a look through our case studies. They cover a sample of our services and successfully delivered projects.

Hopefully, they have some resonance with what you are looking for. If not, feel free to call us to discuss your needs in more detail.
With hundreds of successful projects delivered over 7 years, we are happy to share our knowledge with any company in need.

Have a question? No matter how big or small don’t be afraid to get in touch!