Enhancing Operations: The Business Benefits of Microsoft Viva

Is your business looking to make impactful change that enhances the employee experience and drives success? You need a tool that will offer unparalleled insights into your organisation’s working practices and productivity patterns, while offering your team the opportunity for personal and professional development. It is just that tool.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform powered by Microsoft 365 and delivered through Microsoft Teams. It brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources and insights to provide your business with valuable information about employee engagement, job satisfaction, corporate culture and access to business resources.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Viva?

Made up of six key modules (Insights, Goals, Learning, Topics, Connections and Engage), Viva is a valuable tool for both employers and employees alike. It has a range of benefits that help businesses to implement long-lasting changes and achieve their ultimate goals.

Impactful insights

Viva Insights allows employees to gain meaningful, data-driven insights into their working patterns that allow them to use their time more efficiently and improve productivity. By understanding how they work, your team will be able to avoid burnout, increase effectiveness and dedicate time to learning.

Microsoft Viva 2

Easily accessible

Microsoft Viva is built on top of Microsoft 365. Therefore, as most businesses are already using Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva is extremely accessible. Your employee engagement platform will be seamlessly integrated into your existing technology suite and will therefore be more intuitive to use.

Share knowledge

The Topics module uses AI-powered knowledge discovery assistance to automatically identify, process and organise your business’ data, content and resources. Topics makes knowledge easy to discover in the context of employees’ work, as display topic cards are automatically displayed across Microsoft 365 apps.

Strengthen company culture

By bringing together internal conversations, company resources and news, the Connections module promotes meaningful workplace communications. Employees are empowered to participate in internal communities, such as employee resource groups, helping to foster a positive workplace environment – even when operating using a hybrid working model.

Enhance employee development

As a business, your employees are your greatest investment. Microsoft  offers you the opportunity to support their personal and professional development through training opportunities. Viva Learning makes training extremely accessible within the flow of work by aggregating relevant content from connected learning providers, learning management systems and your own resources. Viva Learning also provides personalised, recommendations, bookmarks, assignments and prompts, helping to deliver a truly bespoke personal development experience. This will help to improve your team’s performance, increase employee satisfaction and ensure employee retention.

Leverage the full potential of Viva

Viva is just one element of Microsoft 365 that helps to enhance your business operations. To discover how it works in conjunction with the wider Microsoft 365 productivity suite and how you can leverage this to drive successes, download our eBook, Enhancing the Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365.

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