Remote Working Solutions

“I need to allow my staff and I work from home with access to everything we need”.

With the arrival of Covid-19 we are currently experiencing an unexpected and unprecedented global shift to work from home. This is a time where technology has been more important than ever for businesses and many have realised that remote working is possible and it has many advantages!

However, ensuring that people will be secure and productive while apart is not an easy task, and requires appropriate structure and planning.

We have the expertise to provide you with the essential tools and know-how that your business needs.

Reshaping the way you work

Adopting to a fully or partial remote working practice will give your business a competitive edge.

We can make your life Smarter, using modern productivity tools and processes, transforming you & your company to what we call a ‘Modern Workplace’. Unknown to yourself, you probably have already invested in the tool you need but you may not be utilising it to its full potential. This tool is called Microsoft Teams – part of the MS Office 365 and now Microsoft 365 tool stack which you are more than likely already using.

Remote Working Solutions Dundalk Louth

Remote working will allow you to be more flexible than ever before. This will give you the ability to work from any place, anywhere and from any device once you have an internet connection.


56% of young managers cite lack of technology/tools as reason why they do not have a remote workforce.

SMBs collaboration challenges

  • Ability to get work done from anywhere (affects internal and external sharing).
  • Document version control and co-authoring (affects internal and external sharing).

Reasons SMBs cite to buy technology

  • Make it easier for our team to do their jobs
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Improve data security

Business Benefits

What will this mean for me? What are the business benefits?

Extend your Reach

You will be able to tap into the global talent pool. Source the professionals you need to work for you based on their skills, not just on locals in your area.

Expand your market to new regions and or countries allowing your new clients and workers collaborate directly.

Avoid physical site limitations and enable your team to work from anywhere in line with potentially their lifestyle.

Better Efficiency

Reduce costs with site rent, security and equipment. Free resources to invest in your business.

Be more available. Remote working and associated technology will allow you to serve clients in different time zones or beyond 9 to 5.

Happier work force. You will build a more productive and loyal team. Remote working can give a significant boost in the work-life balance and satisfaction of your staff.

Increased level of Security

By using todays remote working technology, you are, in fact, increasing the level of security you have compared to the traditional methods. By default, you will be using cloud servers, VPNs, multi-factor authentication and access control which will complement the critical infrastructure of your business operations. All of them must be continually monitored and managed to ensure the safety of your files and critical data.

Neglecting this could leave your business open to countless threats and cyber criminals.

Change Management

The key to success for the implementation and integration of any Collaboration and Communication platform (MS Teams) is a structured and managed ‘Change Management’ Plan.

At Sync IT we hold our clients’ hands every step of the way using a tried and tested process.

Below is a high-level summary of each step:

The first 2 steps of the Change Management phase are key and usually the longest.

Remote Working Solutions Dundalk Louth

We listen to your needs – E.g. What challenges do the sales people face? What can we streamline to make this different?

We listen to your problems so we can apply tech to make it better, not the other way around.

We then look internally to see what other technology we can use to get this operational (Power Apps, Adobe DocuSign, Flow etc).

We endeavour to understand your business needs, infrastructure and staff training. Ideally, this process should not be rushed, and people should have time to learn how to be comfortable with the new tools and procedures. If you are an existing customer of ours, this process can be comfortably done in a few weeks.

As for new customers, an evaluation would be needed before estimating time.

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