Our 5 Point Engagement & Journey Plan

Our Charter is to make your business Simple, Secure & Stable using technology.
Once you engage with Sync IT we work with you to understand your business so we can deliver our promise to you. This is what we TRUST.

T for Technology

Do you know or understand what ‘TECHNOLOGY’ you have today?  Is it the right technology for your needs?  Have you or your business gained a return on this investment to date?

We carry out an in-depth Technical & Security Assessment (247 questions) to understand exactly this.  This assessment is based on the ‘Cyber Essentials’ framework.

Once we have your landscape recorded we review, assess and agree to deliver answers to these questions on an ongoing basis.

IT Solutions - IT Services
Benefits To Your Business - IT Services - Cyber Security

R for Risk

If parts of your IT setup stop; if elements of your delivery process stall due to IT being down, if you have a Cyber attack; what effect does this have on your business or service?  Can you survive?

We discuss and cross check this to ensure your business is stable and secure to a level that makes business sense to you and your operation.  We use industry tools and best practice to help us achieve this. We constantly record and review this on an ongoing basis.

U for Users

Do you know how efficient your USERS or staff are when it comes to using IT?  As a business owner or manager are you getting the correct information or data from your systems easily?

Data shows that basic automation & better level of reporting can save companies on average 10 mins per employee per day.  If you add 1 hour per employee across the business, this would save X hours per annum.

We create a plan to make your users more efficient, automating simple work processes to ensure staff are better positioned to do their job and get the results the business needs.

Benefits To Your Business - IT Services - Cyber Security
Benefits To Your Business - IT Services - Cyber Security

S for Support

From day one we SUPPORT your user base and your business to deliver a proactive managed support service on all the elements above.  We proactively monitor, identify and solve technical issues long before they become a problem for you.

Our aim is to keep your IT operation up and running, with zero downtime while ensuring your staff are happy.

T for Training & Awareness

Throughout the life cycle of our service agreement, we monitor and track your TECHNOLOGY, the RISK factor and how USERS are adapting to this new way. As we SUPPORT all of this we carry out Quarterly Business Reviews to make you AWARE of how this is progressing.

Benefits To Your Business - IT Services - Cyber Security
Benefits To Your Business - IT Services - Cyber Security

Why It’s Important

Our objective is to deliver a service that can be matched against set targets. This is not just a once off ‘On Boarding Process’. This is a continuous assessment, which is held quarterly. Coupled with these targets is to set TRAINING schedules for your staff and further objectives to ensure you maximise a return on IT investment.

While we accept that we are a technology provider, our goal is to provide small to medium businesses with tangible, positive business outcomes – by leveraging leading edge Cloud technology and best practice principles wherever possible.

Benefits to your Business

What is the benefit of a Tech Assessment?

Minimal commitment – It gives you a sense of how your relationship with Sync IT will be with a ‘get out’ if you don’t like or want to continue.

Better Insight – You will receive an independent overview of your technical makeup highlighting the strengths and weaknesses

Business Outcomes – We will help you devise a technology roadmap that is linked to your own business plan. What is important to you and how can Technology make this better – this will be demonstrated.

Budget plan – The output will be a plan with costs to help you make a decision on your own future development of your company with regards IT and cyber security. Does cloud computing and all of this make business sense for you at this time or in the future?

Benefits To Your Business - IT Services - Cyber Security

Technology Assessment

As above the key areas or categories that we cover during our assessment include the below.
During the life cycle of the service contract we monitor, gauge and report on each of these categories but only if they are applicable to your business.

  • Network
  • PC’s
  • Power
  • Printing
  • Roles
  • Server
  • Applications
  • Backups
  • Environment
  • Mobility
  • Users
  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Users