IT Support

‘What level of IT Support do I really need? ’

If there’s one certainty in IT, it’s that things are uncertain. Computers crash, software doesn’t work as it should, and problems occur. And when they do, the way that you respond can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a full- blown business interruption.

Are you leaving IT to chance?

We’ll Worry About Technology – So You Can Focus on Your Business

IT Support & Services
IT Support & Services

Our existing clients care about 4 things in particular:

  1. Peace of Mind.
    Systems are 99.8% available across all our client base. All the core systems are up to date and secure
  2. One Stop Shop.
    At a minimum we manage 3 technology partners per client on an ongoing basis. We are the central point to understand their needs, all the jargon, ensuring the site and systems are secure.
  3. Response Time.
    Our average is 12 minutes
  4. Resolve Time.
    Our average to get things done is 180 minutes.

The good news is that switching providers is not difficult. We have a structured Engagement Phase that makes sure this transition has little or no disruption to your business.  

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IT Support & Services

Business Benefits

What will this mean for me? What are the business benefits?

Ensuring stability, productivity & security:

We take care of not just the Tech but the other 3rd parties that make up your total Tech stack allowing you to focus on your business.

We will empower your business

We can create a technology strategy that will align with your business goals to ensure you get the maximum out of your investment while allow you to measure our performance.

Strength in numbers & minds:
Our service to our client is based on performance metrics, internal experience, and global technical partnerships.

You don’t just get an ‘IT person’ but all of this delivered and measured in a single Service Level Agreement to you as a ‘Virtual IT Department’.

How It Works

Sync IT:

  • We are a local company but with access to up to date market knowledge & trends through our Accreditations & Certifications.
  • We have backup support from our global technology partners. Sync IT is not just a 9-person company, but a 450 technical person backed organisation.
  • We have an excellent track record in delivering and proactively supporting a large array of small to medium size organisations along the M1 Corridor, in the North East of Ireland.

Our proactive approach and constant engagement with our clients have helped us build our service.

IT Support & Services
IT Support & Services

We have a structured and creditable ‘Engagement Phase’ that allows us to support you in the running and management of your IT system, big or small.

Our personal approach allows you to contact our Service Desk and engineers through a Chat, email, or direct telephone conversation.

Today Sync IT is a Virtual IT Department supporting and maintaining:

  • An average 21 User Company Size
  • 800 x End Users
  • 105 x External 3rd Parties relating to our clients

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