The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms for the Digital Workplace

Microsoft Teams Room

While the digital workforce might have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses across the globe were forced to work remotely, there is no denying that it is now here to stay. Even as the option to return to the office re-emerged, many employers and employees have chosen to continue operating using a remote or hybrid working model.

In February 2022, 84%  of workers who had to work from home because of the pandemic said they planned to continue a mix of working at home and in the office in the future. Furthermore, 78% of those who worked remotely in some capacity said that being able to work from home offered them an improved work-life balance.

As a result, businesses need to invest in solutions that will allow their operations to continue uninterrupted, even when colleagues are physically separate. The most obvious and pressing problem, therefore, is how to structure and manage meetings unhindered by distance.

The answer? Microsoft Teams Rooms.

What are the benefits of Teams Rooms?

Teams Rooms offers a complete meeting experience that provides meetings of all sizes with HD video, audio, and content sharing. By leveraging Microsoft Teams software and physical AV hardware, Teams Room provides an optimised conferencing experience for the digital workplace. Equipped with a range of features and advanced functionality, Teams Rooms offers significant benefits for businesses.


With Teams Rooms, all participants can be fully seen and heard no matter where they are joining from, thanks to its high-quality audio and video functionality. Inclusive video layouts, like front row, allow you to make the most of your screen space and view users, content and the chat all at once. Plus, intelligent speakers leverage Microsoft’s voice recognition technology to identify who is speaking and apply their name to the meeting transcript. This makes it easy to keep meeting notes organised, even when everyone is apart.

Superior collaboration

Even when remote, with Teams Rooms, you do not have to sacrifice your collaboration capabilities. Wireless content sharing makes presentations far easier – simply share content from your personal device without any cables or wires required. Say goodbye to cluttered meeting rooms and unnecessary tech accessories!

Teams Rooms also makes sharing ideas frictionless. With collaborative whiteboarding, you can brainstorm concepts with other meeting participants on a shared digital canvas, accessible from any device. If you like a more old-school approach to collaboration, intelligent content capture uses a content camera and AI processing to enhance and share physical objects like whiteboards and books, so they appear clearly on the screen for all meeting participants.Teams Rooms

Ease of use

As Teams Rooms harnesses the familiar Teams application, it is incredibly easy to adapt to and use. Teams Rooms integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft calendar, making it simple to book meetings everyone can attend. Then, when your meeting occurs, you can instantly join and engage the audio and video equipment with a single touch.


With Teams Rooms, you have the flexibility to make every meeting your own. Scale to any room size and establish the configuration that works best for you, with a variety of device types available, including modularized kits, compact and integrated devices, and complete all-in-one solutions. Plus, enable new meetings capabilities by connecting other Teams Rooms devices, such as Coordinated Meetings with Surface Hub.

Secure and managed

You can manage your Teams Rooms devices and settings from the admin centre, equipped with tools for easy setup, inventory management, monitoring, and secured delegated administration. Then ensure your Teams Rooms environment is fully protected by enabling out-of-the-box security with Microsoft-certified Teams devices and automatic updates that keep systems secure by default.

Overcome digital workforce challenges with Microsoft 365

Teams Rooms is just one piece of a wider Microsoft 365 puzzle that helps to support and optimise the hybrid working environment. To find out more about how Microsoft 365 could support your workforce, download our eBook, Enhancing the Digital Workplace with Microsoft 365.