Thermodial Case Study

Turlough Kinane


When the time came for us to upgrade our IT system, we turned to Sync IT for their advice and recommendations. The solution they put forward utilized the very latest in technology and met our requirements for business continuity, expansion, and longevity. The implementation of the new system went smoothly and was professionally managed by the team at Sync IT — delivered on time and within budget. I feel we have received immense value for our investment and am pleased with the result. 

About the Client

Thermodial is a service company offering preventive maintenance and support on commercial heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and building management systems across a wide range of corporate and large government clients.  

Thermodial’s goals are to achieve market leadership by providing technical solutions that will exceed their customers’ expectations. 

Thermodial engage in business with sectors such as Data Centers, Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Shops & Government Sites of Strategic Significance.  

The Challenge

Coming up to 35 years in business, Thermodial had a vision of an engineering focused service, but also one that was responsive and reliable. They had to minimize downtime as the business started to grow whereas the IT systems began to ageFast forward to 2020 and as the COVID 19 pandemic hit and majority of staff working from home they had to adapt to being accessible from anywhere, from any device and at any time. Offering 24/7 365-day service, Thermodial had to ensure that they had access to workforce mobility, finance, and client data systems much faster and in doing this become more responsive and reliable.

Discovery Phase

Upon engaging with Thermodial, we carried out a review of their infrastructure. This gives us an idea as to what level of stability they currently have, and what they need to best suit their business. 

We did this by carrying out our “Tech Assessment”, which outlines the strengths and weaknesses within the business and how we can look at tackling them. 

Our engagement plans and support packages are to suit all levels of maturity. It helped us understand exactly what the business needs and how they can get the best ROI (Return on Investment) from us. 

The Solution

Our solution allowed all staff to collaborate and share data on a centralized system. 

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium was deployed giving all users access to a common and virtual desktop, and access to many other features that helped the business communicate and be able to work together at anytime from anywhere. 
  • As the servers began to age and hard drive space became limited, we moved their files onto the cloud which increased productivity allowing all members of staff to access these from their device and created a more organized environment amongst the workspaces.   
  • Worked together and put a plan in line with Thermodial’s growth to set out clear objectives and goals as their business grows over the next few years.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Suite- Applications such as Word, Outlook, Excel & Teams, Collaborating, Communicating & Working Together.  
  • Microsoft Surface – Portable tablets allowing users and engineers access files and documents on the go from anywhere – increased productivity immensely.  
  • Microsoft SharePoint – Centrally manage diverse content with rich metadata, workflow, and access controls. 
  • Microsoft Exchange – Hosted email with a 50GB mailbox across each staff members phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Promote the company using their own custom domain name. Manage personal and company shared calendars for scheduling meetings and setting reminders 

Business Outcomes

Our highly skilled team of technicians continue to provide helpdesk and on-site IT support to Thermodial, ensuring the business and its staff can receive the maximum benefit from their investment in the new system. 

  • Thermodial became smarter and more flexible within their work environment, being able to work on the go from anywhere and everywhere.  
  • Moving all their files and data into the cloud, their network has become more stabilized.  
  • A “peace of mind” when it comes to their IT support, knowing they can remain operational in the event of a disaster on site.