PPFS Case Study

Investing in ‘modern workplace’ practiceand engaging with a best-in-class IT consultancy firm has provided us with efficiencies and enhanced our peace of mind when it comes to cyber security.” 

Barry Oliver


From our inception COVID 19, Digitization and Cyber Security have challenged the marketplace, consumer behavior and expectations within which we operate. The evolving need for press button information now more than any previous time in my career has provided both challenges and the opportunity to become more efficient and closer to our clients.  

In choosing to engage with Sync IT, we have gained an IT support partner that have recognized the challenges we have to face and whom have to date reacted quickly to resolve issues and integrate seamlessly the multitude of platforms we utilize in advising and engaging with our clients.”

About the Client

With Protection & Protection Financial Services “Financial planning is future planning.” You may be at the start of your career, approaching middle age or already enjoying retirement. Either way, They will advise you based on your needs, and will help you chart the best path to your goals.  

You will get the clarity you need to make the right financial decisions for your future. Whether you are seeking to protect your nearest and dearest, build an investment portfolio or create a tax-efficient retirement strategy, They have the expertise to provide the solutions. 

PPFS offer a variety of financial services through protecting their clients, planning out pensions, retirement options and investment. They can help you deal with the ‘what ifs’ in life such as illness, injury or even death. 

The Challenge

In Protection & Prosperity Financial Services they wanted to partner with an MSP who could help them become more productive, time-efficient & organized.  

As a financial consultancy business engaging with their prospective clients and the documentation of client specific details in line with Consumer Protection Code and Central Bank of Ireland guidelines is necessary. They desired to have a centralized phone system, utilizing the best modern-day technological benefits to seamlessly allow staff localized and remote access to voice mail, office / work facilities and applications be they located in the office or working at other locations.  

Discovery Phase

‘Listen’ and ‘Understand’ their day-to-day issues, engaging with all stake holders and key users in the businessWe applied our tried and tested “7 Step Process” to help us discover, analyze, and profile the landscape, the user base, how and where data and files resided using our experience and some tech tools.  

Based on the findings from above, the budget, the Central Bank guideline that we had to benchmark against we compiled a ‘Design’ that the client was happy with. 

As part of the ongoing management and support of our service, we touch base and ‘analyze’ on how best we can improve or makes things better if needs be on a quarterly basis. 

The Solution

Users were given access to a secure online portal to allow them access & share files, predefined folders, email, calendars on a platform. 

Within this portal, users can access other required ‘Line of Business’ applications needed to allow them do their job and access a centralised telephone system to make and receive phone calls. 

All of which is accessible, proactively monitored and all data backed up on any device, from anywhere.  

Technology Used

Microsoft 365 Business Premium incorporating the following products to allow us build and deliver the proposed service: 

Microsoft Office  

  • Have always up to date versions of Outlook, Word, Excel OneNote on all devices.  All versions being the same for all users within the business.   
  • Allows staff collaborate using real time co-authoring so multiple users can work in the same document simultaneously.  

Microsoft Exchange  

  • Hosted email with a 50GB mailbox across each staff members phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 
  • Promote the company using their own custom domain name – (Barry@PPFS.ie). 
  • Manage personal and company shared calendars for scheduling meetings and setting reminders. 

 Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive 

  • Store and share files with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user. 
  • Work on a file and save it directly to OneDrive or SharePoint; changes are updated across all synched devices 
  • Securely share documents and send emails so only those with the right permissions can access the information. 

 Microsoft Teams with Voice Integration 

  • Host online meetings and video calls for up to 300 users. 
  • Make traditional phone calls to external parties through the Eir network but from the Desktop. Laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 
  • Bring together all staff chats, meetings, files, and apps so they can easily connect and collaborate from one place.

Business Outcomes

  • PPFS staff can find data and applications they require without having to worry about lost time.PPFS have become more time efficient after the integration of Microsoft Teams with Voice (allowing them to access a centralised telephone system to make and receive phone calls.

    Deploying a password managing tool, PPFS’s accounts are safe and secure as Myki, generates and stores strong passwords on their behalf, saving time and enhancing security in the process.