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SYNC IT understand the challenges that business managers face – SYNC IT keeps your systems running, your staff productive and your customers happy.“

We synchronise every aspect of your business technology as your ‘virtual IT department’ without the costly overheads that an in-house team brings.

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Cloud Based Services

Cloud computing can be a real game-changer for small to medium sized businesses and has been credited with increasing competitiveness through cost reduction, greater flexibility, and best use of resources.

Simply put, instead of installing software on your laptops or PCs, our service allows your staff to access the software from any web-enabled device. Gone are the worrying days of losing data when a computer crashes or a laptop is stolen. The Cloud offers you and your staff safe storage of data, files and allows for greater accessibility and retrieval.

At Sync IT we use a range of software, including Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, to develop and deploy cloud based solutions for your business. We can migrate your data away from on-premises server storage, monitor the health of your network and remotely solve problems even before they arise.

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We deliver great business benefits to our clients through two distinct channels:

  • Support

    When IT in a business slows down, or goes down altogether, it can cause a huge issue for your business.

    Not only are your daily operations affected, but it conveys an unprofessional image to your customers. In addition, if adequate IT security and data backup plans are not in place then it can cause irreparable damage.

    Our IT support solution proactively identifies and solves tech issues – long before they become a problem for your business. This keeps your operations up and running, your staff working and your customers happy.

    Simply put, our IT support stops issues from arising by proactively monitoring your ICT environment. We integrate all aspects of your IT setup, ensuring that you get comprehensive end-to-end support.

  • Collaboration

    It’s one thing keeping your business technology up and running, but IT should also add value to your business operations and make it easier for your staff to work together – ultimately delivering the best service possible to customers.

    We work closely with them to see if a modern IT solution can improve how the organisation currently works. We help them to work smarter, faster, and more productively – in essence we want your staff to ‘get more from their work’.

    Customised, branded company intranets make for a more engaging and intuitive work experience, designed specifically for your business needs. As part of the service we provide on-site training and mentorship sessions for your team. We will ensure that each project has a curator within the organisation so that all staff can get the most out of the improved workflow.

We love Music @ Sync IT.

Music brings fun to our lives. Like a music conductor synchronising your instruments of business to give you beautiful music (streamlined Information Technology).

We ensure your IT Systems are ‘synchronised’ with your business needs.

Our baseline service


 Providing you with Stability & Security.

Our ‘Managed PC’ & or ‘Managed Server’ service will ensure your estate is available 100% of the time, 24×7.

  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  •  Security and Stability

Ballpark Cost :
€67 per user per month, fixed fee.

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Baseline +

Bass + Beat Value

Further stability & security best practices

‘modernise’ the way you are setup, how you run your business using the latest cloud and security technologies in an affordable way.

  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  •  Security and Stability
  • Securely accessible via the cloud

Ballpark Cost :
€120 per user per month, fixed.

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Better Performance

Melody Do things Better

Optimise your business for better results

We will work with you over the life cycle of our service contract to ensure your staff are working as efficiently as they can

  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  •  Security and Stability
  • Securely accessible via the cloud
  • Latest Microsoft Tools
  • Remote Hands on Training &Support

Ballpark Cost :
€195 per user per month, fixed

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Symphony Superior Service

Transform & Automate your business further.

Further develop & use collaboration tools & work practices to enhance how staff work.

  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  •  Security and Stability
  • Securely accessible via the cloud
  • Latest Microsoft Tools
  • Remote Hands on Training & Support
  • Increase Productivity per staff member by 15-mins per month

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What our Customers Say

“Partnering with Sync IT as our virtual IT department works great for us. We can trust in the technology to support our business and this allows us to focus our energy on delivering value to our customers”

– Micheál McArdle

General Manager
McArdle Skeath