“Improve your cashflow instantly”

Procure the IT solution that you need to sustain and drive your business but on a ‘Pay As You Go Basis’. Research shows that 25% of SME’s are interested in switching to an ‘as-a-Service’ model with pay-as-you-go for hardware, software, and implementation services.

Implementing, managing, and maintaining the IT infrastructure, including the entire ecosystem of equipment and software, is a significant cost for most SME’s. A major attraction to this model is the shift in the budget from investments (Capex or Capital Expenditure) to operational costs (Opex or Operational Expenditure).

By engaging with Sync IT and the financial support of Grenke (German leasing company https://www.grenke.ie/company/grenke-in-ireland) we can allow you combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution. This allows you to optimise your IT budget while gaining access to the latest technologies.



It reduces the financial burden on IT budgets because you know exactly what to pay per period for hardware, software, and services.

The threshold to new technologies and equipment is lowered and an organisation can deal with its IT infrastructure in a flexible, scalable manner.

It helps you move away from large capital investments through one low-cost, monthly or quarterly subscription plan.

Buyout option at end of term should you choose to sweat the asset.

Tax efficient.