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Keeping up to date with information technology and getting the most out of the computer sitting on your desk, or even the phone in your pocket can be challenging. Large enterprise organisations rely on in-house IT departments to provide training at whatever level their personnel require.

At Sync IT we take our role as YOUR VIRTUAL IT DEPARTMENT seriously and are introducing a series of such training offerings to our users and helping them to use their systems to their full potential.

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Make the most of your Software

There is a suite of applications that most of our customers use on a day-to-day basis, namely Microsoft Office. Familiar applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook received a revamp.

Many people using these apps daily continue to believe that there is more to be gained from them, but don’t really know where to start. Additionally, newer applications such as OneNote and SharePoint may be sitting on your desktop just waiting to be put to use.

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Training based on your needs

One-off training sessions can be offered to our customers when a particular skill is required with one of the Microsoft Office apps. Team training on site is also available to introduce apps new to the business – such as Skype for Business or a new SharePoint intranet portal.

Our new sessions will be short focused sessions taking up just three hours of your staff’s day to look at one of the Microsoft Office apps. We are going to offer certificates of attendance that you can use as part of your in-house employee development programmes. When your team are confident in the use of the technology they will be more productive, and get more out of their day.

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