Top 5 Tips for keeping your data secure on holidays

It’s time for your summer holidays!  Time to pack your bags, remember the sun-cream and plug adapters and download some of your favourite movies and podcasts just in case you end up stuck at the airport due to a dreaded delayed flight.  Just because you are taking a nice break away from your office desk however does not mean cyber criminals are doing the same. Maybe more than ever in a new location your devices and privacy is at risk while you dip your toes in the sand.  Here are our top tips for travelling safely & securely in Summer 2019.

Be Extra Cautious with Pins

All devices these days come with the option to add a security layer such as a pin code.  While travelling make sure your devices are equipped with a secure code (Not just ‘1234’) and make sure you change these regularly.  It is also worth noting to wipe down your mobile device screen during the days as sticky sun-cream fingerprints may give your code away to intruders.

Be Wary of Public Wifi

You’ve gotten away from it all, but of course you want to send the obligatory feet at the swimming pool picture back home.  Data rates are still not great so you look for an open wifi network. Please proceed with caution. Avoid using unencrypted wifi networks.  Enquire about the security protocol in place for wifi at your accommodation upon arrival and when you must resort to public wifi hotspots avoid accessing sensitive data such as online banking.


Turn off the Bluetooth when not in use

Bluetooth is convenient for our wireless speakers and headphones.  Indeed noise cancelling headphones are a travel must for many these days in busy airports.  But when not in use please ensure your bluetooth setting is switched off as this can leave your device vulnerable to hackers.  Bluetooth connected devices can be seen within your settings menu – if you do not recognise a device please delete it to be secure.

Ensure your devices have a good Antivirus and Firewall

In the same way you need to protect yourself from the Sun so to do our devices need protection from hackers and cyber criminals.  Ensure firewalls are active and you have a trusted anti-virus with the latest software updates on all devices.

Enjoy the scenery, but keep an eye on your possessions

It goes without saying but please be vigilant with your devices while enjoying yourself in the summer sun.  Leaving phones and tablets perched on cafe tables while you dine is giving thieves every opportunity to not just steal these items, but to also access all manner of private data about yourself from emails to bank details.  Keep phones in your pocket. When they are not needed consider leaving your laptop or tablets securely in the safe at your accommodation.

So there you have it, 5 tips to keep your devices and data secure while you enjoy Summer 2019.  We understand technology can be tricky at times. That’s why we at SYNC IT provide a full suite of IT services taking care of the headaches for you, so you can increase productivity and profit.  Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you business!

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