Viking Splash Tours

Business Challenge:

In order to make for a fun experience every time, the team at Viking Splash understand that they need to get as many customers as possible on each trip. As their ticketing platform is online they need a stable and affordable IT platform, that can scale to meet demand during peak times. However they do not have internal technology expertise and like most small businesses they have tight budgets.

Our Solution:

Viking Splash Tours engaged Sync IT to propose an IT solution that would meet their business needs now and in the future. Our solution was to move their IT systems 100% to the cloud, and have no data or IT systems internally. With the guidance and assistance of Sync IT as their trusted IT partner, they now operate their business using:

  • Cloud-based phone system (VoIP).
  • Ticket booking engine is web based, in the cloud.
  • Email & internal document-sharing runs on the Microsoft Office 365 platform.
  • Dual internet connectivity.

While the majority of staff are office based, some key executives work remotely. This new IT setup gives all staff access to their productivity tools and business data and documents regardless of their location. Viking Splash Tours wanted to have a fixed monthly overhead for all of their IT needs. This is now a reality for the company with the added benefit of all updates and enhancements built-in to the service. They are always up to date.

As part of a business continuity and investment program for the business, they needed to demonstrate that stability is built into their systems. By having their business systems 100% in the cloud this gives them this assurance. Should a “disaster” occur, they can operate and have all data accessible within a predefined period of time.

Business Benefits


By moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, the team at Viking Splash Tours can work from anywhere without restrictions. This facilitates improved collaboration and productivity, even when staff are not present in the office.

Stable Costs

As Viking Splash Tours now have a single predictable monthly overhead, they can effectively plan their IT spend from month to month.


The IT environment can also grow as their business needs grow, meaning the company only pays for what they use. In particular, keeping the ticket portal live during times of peak demand is of critical importance to their business.

Business Continuity

In the event of a cyber-attack, or other adverse event, there is built-in redundancy to ensure their IT platform, and their business, remains in operation.

“Our new IT setup ticks all the boxes in terms of better workflows internally and the assurance that there is a back-up plan to keep things live, in case of emergency.”

– Fergal Rodgers

Viking Splash Tours

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