Warehousing and logistics company with multiple sites.

Business Challenge:

Our client’s business is extremely dependent on technology. Everything from wireless barcode scanning to the assurance that all transactions are audited is dependent on the reliability and security of the IT environment.

Due to the type of clients they deal with, compliance and documented process is paramount. Regular audits by their clients occur which means access to documentation and uptime of all systems is a key business requirement. 

High level Requirements which Sync IT measure and deliver on:

  • 50 IT users but with up to 100 staff and increasing
  • 2 sites, Dublin & Dundalk
  • More pallets to store and move > 50,000 and growing
  • Large fleet of trucks that store and communicate data which needs to be tracked, secure and protected
  • Corporate client mindset and demands
  • Faster pace of business, 24/7 uptime

Following Security Assessment, we now deliver the following ongoing service, what we call ‘Profile & Detect’ as part of our ongoing managed support service.

Threat Intelligence Support
Identify threats on servers and firewalls, while supporting compliance guidelines through a fully integrated range of response capabilities. This is delivered on a 24/7 basis, keeping client data and environments safe.

Monitoring & Analysis
Monitor key logs files in and out of IT environment to identify and correlate events that could be malicious, while providing additional security and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Compliance Reporting
Generate ongoing reports and threat analysis outlines for regulatory standards.

Ransomware Warranty
In conjunction with our SOC provider they will pay up to €800 per infected machine towards the cost of paying the ransom if they don’t defend against or can’t rollback and restore data after a ransomware attack (up to €900k) has occurred on a covered machine.

Still Not Convinced?

Some further questions to ask yourself

  • Is your infrastructure being proactively managed today? 
  • Has your organisation ever suffered a security incident? 
  • How did it impact you? Were you just lucky?
  • What data (i.e. payroll, Intellectual property etc) would negatively impact your business if deleted or stolen? 
  • Which systems would impact your business most if unavailable for a day? A week? 
  • What concerns do you currently have about cyber security and or cyber attacks?
    Are you subject to any regulatory requirements or restrictions?
  • Do you process credit cards or payment information in any way that may drive regulatory needs (e.g. PCI)?