McArdle Skeath

Business Challenge:

Today large scale warehousing and logistics is extremely dependant on technology. Everything from wireless barcode scanning to the assurance that all transactions are audited is dependent on the reliability of the IT environment. Previously, McArdle Skeath had worked with an IT company that they felt were “too large to care for a smaller company like ours”. They were not sure what level of support they were getting, or if their systems were capable of supporting their needs in the future. Issues they faced with the previous supplier included:

  • End User Support – no structure, feedback or monitored response times when IT issues were logged.
  • IT Outages – the system had failed 3 times in one year, totalling 12 hours of downtime.
  • Productivity – slow and ineffective IT was estimated to cost 30 minutes of each user’s time every week.

They required a local IT partner that could proactively manage their ICT environment, while offering on-site and remote support when necessary.

Sync IT

Our Solution:

McArdle Skeath engaged Sync IT as their virtual IT department to handle the full IT managed service for the business. After initially carrying out an overall business & technology assessment, we could see the areas where IT is critical to the daily operations of the business and where it could provide a competitive advantage.

From this assessment a detailed project plan was prepared, outlining the client’s key requirements, our deliverables and a mutually agreed timeline and budget for the project. Over a 6 month period Sync IT delivered the following in line with McArdle Skeath’s workload and the project plan

Microsoft Office 365

O365 is the most reliable and widely used business productivity suite. All users now have the latest version of Word, Excel and Outlook which can be accessed anywhere and from any device.

IT Monitoring and Support

In addition to a full ‘break/fix’ service, we also proactively monitor their ICT environment, solving technical issues before they become a problem for the business.

Business Benefits

Reliable Support

When end users at McArdle Skeath have an IT issue they can trust that each ticket is logged and resolved in line with best practice standards.

Stable Costs

IT costs are now treated as an operational expense. In other words, McArdle Skeath simply pay for however much or little of the IT platform they use every month – just like an electricity bill.

Greater Uptime

Office 365 is bound by Microsofts Service Level Agreement of 99.99% uptime. Also, as we proactively monitor the platform costly outages are minimised.

Highly Scalable

New applications and services can be deployed and tested easily. Company data can grow without worrying that the system will fail or won’t have the capacity to cope.

““Partnering with Sync IT as our virtual IT department works great for us. We can trust in the technology to support our business and this allows us to focus our energy on delivering value to our customers.”

– Micheál McArdle

General Manager
McArdle Skeath

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