Microsoft commissions report looking at Ireland’s Cyber Security

We have detailed before how little long term studies into cyber security have been done from an Irish perspective (Aside from PWC’s Digital Trust insights report from earlier this year).  2019 saw microsoft commission a report into the cyber habits and routines of Ireland’s workforce. Below we will look at some key statistics logged in this report from Irish-owned security systems specialist CWSI.

46% of employees admitted to not having received any security training for their systems within the last 12 months.  Cyber threats evolve constantly and so your staff must be made aware of any vulnerabilities to their system and how best to protect themselves.

22% of those surveyed admitted to writing down their passwords leaving their system access vulnerable to internal threats.

44% of those surveyed recycle their personal passwords for work accounts leaving multiple accounts vulnerable to attack – both at home and in the office.

28% of employees admitted to using their personal device to work on sensitive files and material from work – both in and out of the office.  This in turn leaves users and clients data vulnerable to attack.

For more insights into Ireland’s cyber security landscape in 2019 follow the link in the reference for Microsoft’s report.

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