McArdle Skeath

Warehousing & Logistics Company

McArdle Skeath, Warehousing & Logistics company with multiple sites and a business that is extremely dependant on technology. Everything from wireless barcode scanning to the assurance that all transactions are audited is dependent on the reliability and security of the IT environment.

Due to the type of clients they deal with, compliance and documented process is paramount. Regular audits by their clients occur which means access to documentation and uptime of all systems is a key business requirement.

McArdle-Skeath, IT Security Dundalk & Louth

Business Problems

Below were the key ‘Business Problems’ that Sync IT measure and deliver our IT managed support & security service on:

1. Growing number of pallets to be stored, audited & transported.

  • They needed to have technical capacity & scale to scan & trace up to 50,000 pallets between 2 x different sites.

2. Faster pace of business requiring reduced or practically zero hours relating to IT system uptime, to ensure higher productivity.

  • Users in the operations, warehouses and finance offices were having constant email & PC relating issues. They wasted lots of hours due to poor basic computing standards.
  • They were also ‘doing business’ in an outdated and inefficient way. By implementing some basic streamline work flows, coupled with some basic training and skills transfer removed lots of wasted hours in a working week.

3. Extended working day for both office and warehouse operatives, moving towards 24×7 support.

  • They had no internal expertise or local provider with the breadth of knowledge and experience to help and support their users, not just 9 to 5 but over the longer working day and weekends. This ranges from basic end user support, to proactive system monitoring and management to Security Awareness Training ensuring all users were up to speed with advancements in Cyber threats.

4. Fleet of trucks that store and communicate data is growing which needs to be tracked, secure & protected.

  • Data sprawl & no structure as to who or how staff accessed data, internally or remotely. Monitoring key logs in and out of the IT stack no matter where the user resides, identifying and correlating events that could be malicious. The fear of penalties for not being compliant with not having proper backup, recovery, and auditing in place.

5. Deliver a service based on a corporate client mindset and associated demands.

  • With structured best in class technical processes and technology, the business can scale while alleviate the fear of penalties for not being compliant or not having proper backup, recovery, and auditing in place.

Tech & Cyber Security Assessments

By engaging with Sync IT as their Virtual IT department, we carried out an in-depth Tech & Cyber Security Assessments to understand their business and outline how we could help in hitting their business objectives.

Over a period of months with a structured and managed budget we delivered and controlled the environment not to mention managing all the relating stake holders and 3rd parties involved in the process.

Core to our service model and ethos is a continuous review of all the above. This is done on a quarterly basis with a key sponsor nominated from the management team.

“Partnering with Sync IT as our virtual IT department works great for us. We can trust in the technology to support our business and this allows us to focus our energy on delivering value to our customers.”

Micheál McArdle
McArdle Skeath

Michael, IT Security Dundalk & Louth