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1- Servers

In Manufacturing, productivity is vital to ensuring that costs are low, profitability is maintained and you remain competitive within your industry. So how can you make sure that your business is working as efficient as possible? Do you have a server out the back that every device runs off? Onsite hardware can not only be an expense but can open you up to security breaches if not looked after. Our tip for you is to check the age of your server, if it’s 7 years old you are open to a security breach and if it is or coming up to 4 years old you should prepare to change it. One SMB owner saved €45,000 on a server he didn’t need by moving to the cloud so maybe it’s time to consider that if your server is ageing.

2- Reduce Costs

Profitability is the main thing every business wants to see as they grow but have you ever thought you may be spending cash on unnecessary products/services? On more than one occasion we have seen many businesses splashing cash on many things that they don’t need nor do they use properly! Our tip to you is to take a step back, review your infrastructure to see if you can cut these costs as you wouldn’t believe the amount of businesses that we have engaged with and ended up saving them money. The main problem being third-party apps, many businesses engage with them not knowing the ins and outs and there will be better options. If you’d like to have a chat with us on this topic don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

3- Staff Collaboration

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, every business faced huge problems and had to adapt to all the restrictions put in place to keep their head above water. Within the manufacturing industry, collaboration and communication is absolutely key to ensuring that the work is carried out in an efficient and productive manner. Our tip for you is to familiarize yourself and your employee’s with Microsoft Teams & Microsoft SharePoint! Teams will enable you to reach out and talk to employee’s and clients from anywhere at anytime, and it’s also very secure. SharePoint will allow you to share files and data across the board that is also accessible by anyone from anywhere that is granted access to these files. These will enable your business become more secure & smarter. Create the work environment you want to see your business grow.

Why Choose Sync IT?

That begs the question, why engage with us here at Sync IT? IT support is critical to any business and being realistic it’s a rapidly growing industry. However, we aren’t arrogant enough to realize that not every business will be a fit with us. Just give us a call or fill out your details in the contact form below and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you to have a quick chat and take it from there!

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