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What is Virtual IT?

A virtual IT service provides your company with all internet technology services, including network system monitoring, reporting, security, data backups, software updates and much more. Remotely.

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IT Solutions for SMEs

Information Technology is taking a more and more vital role in the day to day business of companies of all sizes yet not every company can afford the expense of having their own in-house IT Department.

At Sync IT we offer your business not just a network technician or administrator but a complete experienced IT team ready to service all your IT requirements and to help take your business to the next level.


Your Virtual IT Department

Virtual IT Departments are not a new concept and have been used by some of the worlds biggest companies in their respective industries as a way to reduce their overhead while still offering the same great service to their clients and customers. We focus on delivering Virtualisation solutions for servers, desktops, applications and are always searching for new innovative ways to help improve your users experience across all levels of your business.


What makes Sync IT different?

If Information Technology (IT) is to effectively help your business, we believe it should:

Automate your business process and workflows

Automated workflow systems can handle a wide array of repetitive tasks much better than humans can.

Improve efficiency

Inefficiency can cost your company time and money, we ensure you are getting the most from your system.

Control costs

We help reduce costs by giving you one monthly price, providing a high return on your investment with a low total cost of ownership

Enable staff to perform their job effectively

Automating the basic daily tasks allows your staff to focus on what matters to your business and your customers.

Solutions Tailored to You

Rather than offer an off-the-shelf solution that may or may not be the right fit for your business, we carry out a 7-point health assessment to help tailor the service to your specific requirements and the demands of your customers.


Once we have completed our assessment we will then discuss with you the most appropriate IT Support package based on your goals, current IT infrastructure and the needs and requirements of your customers.


Our 7-point assessment covers:

1. Technology Planning

2. Understanding existing technology deployed

3. Security and maintenance

4. Automation of Internal processes

5. Supply & purchasing (if applicable)

6. Sales & marketing

7. People

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