As the World Health Organization (WHO) have now declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic we want to take this time to assure our clients and other businesses throughout Ireland we are ready to assist you with the possibilities and set-up of remote-working.

We realise the notion of remote working may be entirely new to you and your business model and it is our mission to ensure your remote systems are made simple, Safe and Secure so you can remain productive during this difficult time.  Sync IT can ensure your team will have the tools and protection needed to carry out their tasks where possible to work remotely during this time.

We have prepared a high-level template to help you get ready before you talk to us (Download here).

  • Key systems & people – Who in your organisation will need remote access and what do they need to access to do their job when at home?
  • Connectivity – Do your people have appropriate Internet bandwidth in their home?
  • Devices (PC, Phone) – What device can they use when working from home?  Do they have the appropriate setup in their home (desk, cabling)?
  • Communication plan – Do you need to reach your staff?  Do they need to talk or collaborate with each other?  Do they need to talk to clients, partners or 3rd party partners or vice versa?

In line with this serious chain of events we are working with key partners to facilitate a further webinar next week to discuss and keep you abreast on how we can move you forward with the technology you currently have invested in.

Please fill in the contact form below and one of our IT specialists will be in touch with you shortly.