When working on your PC I think we can all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than when your device starts to slow down and stop responding to certain programmes. It’s almost as bad as sitting at home watching Netflix after a hard days graft and it keeps stalling every 10 seconds! Now we know the cause of that can be put down to your internet connection, but what exactly are the causes for your PC running slow? If you made it this far, you’re about to find out;

  • It’s too hot- Your computer will self-regulate its performance to compensate for excessive heat. A cool computer is a fast computer, very much like when your smartphone is too hot.
  • It’s doing too much- If your one of these people that have 20/30 tabs running at once, of course that’s going to effect the PC’s performance. If your computer is running too many programmes at once, it won’t be able to optimize performance for the things that really matter. Excessive startup and background programs are usual culprits here.
  • Your software is old- If you’re behind on your Windows and driver updates, you might suffer performance losses. We see this as possibly the most common one.
  • You’re running low on memory- Your PC uses RAM (Random Access Memory) to run all its active programmes. Maxing out your RAM can lead to a sluggish PC.
  • You’re running low on disk space- As your hard drive fills up, your PC has less room to hold temporary files. And without enough free space, your PC won’t be as easily able to prevent hard drive fragmentation.

Now, that’s 5 tips as to why your PC may be running slow. Many people and businesses confuse IT support with just “Cyber Security” but that is not the case at all. We want to introduce you to solutions that will make your life easier when it comes to running your business, training you up on the many different benefits that you can get out of your Microsoft 365 license and how you can implement them amongst your staff members. You could be running your business in such an old style, unsafe manner and our goal is to get you away from this and show you how to really gain the market advantage on your competitors!

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